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Though there is no concrete reason for Diablo 4 being left off the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices Diablo IV Gold, speculation would lead one to believe it is due to the technical aspects. The Switch has had a hard time with technically demanding games, and one on the enormous online scale of Diablo 4 might make things complicated, along with offline play not planned to be supported. Meanwhile, the franchise's last title, Diablo Immortal, is available on mobile, but is a scaled-back experience tailor-made for the platform. It's likely that if Diablo 4 had followed Immortal onto iOS and Android, it would have been a far less ambitious iteration on the classic Diablo formula.

For players not on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, it is disappointing to be left out of what could be another generational game. However, it is also for the benefit of the game that it is put on the platforms that can support it the best so that the weak link does not bring down other platforms. Though these tough decisions had to be made, Diablo 4 is gearing up to be a massive game on all the platforms it will initially launch on.

The map for Diablo 4 is much larger than anyone realized. With Blizzard having just closed the two weekends of beta for Diablo 4, players have had their first look at the world for the new game. Many hardcore players completely cleared the map, completing all dungeons, venturing into cellars and caverns, maxing out their character, and taking down the world boss. With the wealth of content on offer, players feel hopeful that the full game will have plenty for both newcomers and series veterans to explore.

The area featured in Diablo 4’s beta map is known as The Fractured Peaks, a mountainous, glacial area which emphasizes frost-bitten enemies and harsh conditions. Importantly, The Fractured Peaks also showcase how Diablo 4 uses increased verticality in its map design to add variety to the exploration and keep players hunting for hidden bonuses. The mobs featured so far have surpassed the glorified cannon fodder of earlier Diablo games that were easily dispatched, offering more challenging enemies and more diverse encounters. Even with this impressive wealth of unique content, The Fractured Peaks is just a small part of Diablo 4’s full map buy Diablo 4 Gold.


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