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Serving Akron/Canton areas

Greetings, I care about two things; pianos and helping people. By teaching lessons and tuning pianos I get to help people reach their musical goals. Mr. Nick is a certified piano technician. A Standard tuning can take up to 2 hours Pricing is between 100-150, depending on how out of tune the piano is and travel time to location. Do ask me questions! I will follow up with you as soon I can!

Additional services like minor repair or regulation include in your message for a quote.


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Maxwell M.

Did a great job and scheduled on relatively short notice!

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Monique V.

Very good communication. Very punctual and great work quality! Recommend anyday!

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Corinne B.

Nick was a pleasure to work with and did a great job tuning our home piano. He was so much more responsive and professional than the large piano company we first attempted to work with, and I was able to schedule a tuning with him quickly and easily. Great to work with!

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Hey there, fellow music enthusiast!


Ever wondered what it feels like to have your piano singing in perfect harmony, hitting those notes with the precision of a virtuoso? Well, wonder no more, because Nick's Piano Studio is here to make your musical dreams come true!

At Nick's, we're not your average piano tuning service – we're the maestros of melody, the virtuosos of vibrations, and the wizards of the ivory keys. Our team is led by the one and only Nick, whose fingers are not just nimble on the keys but have an innate ability to coax out the hidden symphonies within every piano.

Picture this: your piano, once a quiet wallflower in the world of music, now stealing the spotlight with tunes so crisp and clear that even Beethoven would give it a standing ovation. We believe that your piano deserves the VIP treatment, and we're here to make it feel like a true star.

But wait, there's more! Nick's Piano Studio is not just about tuning; it's about creating an experience. We bring the tunes, the laughter, and maybe a few musical anecdotes to share while we work our magic on your piano. It's not a service; it's a musical rendezvous, and we promise your piano will leave with a smile on its face (if it had one!).

Whether your piano is a vintage beauty or a modern marvel, Nick's Piano Studio is ready to pamper it with the care and attention it deserves. Because when it comes to tuning, we're not just in tune with the pianos; we're in tune with the music-loving souls who bring them to life.

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