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Buy Vertu Phone

If you want to highlight your social status, your Vertu phone is designed specifically for you, the person who loves, appreciates and buys the best. Mobile phones Vertu - a symbol of success. Vertu original hand-built a set of unique features that meet the highest quality standards.

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Vertu Mobile Phones delight their customers design and color scheme body covered with cowhide handmade. The design of the phone can be supplemented with embroidery, inlaid with semi-precious stones, engraving, stamping, etc. Due to the selection of materials and innovative technologies, original Vertu cell phones have unsurpassed durability in the case of scratches on the body during the operation, you can restore the look of your phone without replacing the body through a special polishing.

If you want to buy a Vertu or need service, professional advice - just call our service center Vertu in Moscow. Catalog of our offers you will be a good helper in the selection of the original phone brand Vertu. Vertu is considered an individual approach to each client a priority for development.

For communication with the consultant you just press a special button on the phone. We would like to mention the cost of the new Vertu phone, as the prices in our boutique Vertu sure you will be pleasantly surprised! With us you will not think about how much it costs Vertu as safe to be able to buy cheap new Vertu, without worrying about the price.

Especially in recent years selling phones on the internet is becoming increasingly popular, and that means that you will have the opportunity to buy an original Vertu at an affordable price without leaving home.

Has become quite huge and there are plenty of options available in the market. So before buying a Mobile phone, there are few things which we should keep in mind. We know that our efficiency improves with the help of Mobile phones but which is the best choice?

In the market flooded with different types of Mobile phone, Vertu Phones are proving their excellence with their remarkable design and performance. They have crossed the various standards of luxury. Vertu mobile provides a lavish look and amazing features which are quite eye-catching. We are the provider of all types of Smartphone and as we have gained the trust of our customers therefore, we are become the most trusted provider of Vertu mobile phones in India.

The market nowadays is flooded with a huge variety of smartphones, which are available and the supply has been on a higher side because of the regular advancements in the technologies. Therefore, with the increase in popularity and advancement of technology, the usage of smartphones is increasing day by day and when it comes to smartphones, the market has become abounding at seams.

In the market full of crowd, the vertu mobiles are grabbing the popularity among the people and have crossed the standards of the luxurious phones. All the mobile phones provide various features to the people. The vertu smartphone is designed in such a way that they provide a lavish look to the model. We are the market-leading provider of all types of mobile phones and due to the trust of our customers, we have become the most trusted provider in India.

Among the crowd of the stores, one can easily able to buy the vertu phones online at There are various mobile stores in India but everyone is looking for the best. So, we are here with the best online store from which you can buy luxury smartphone. With us, you can get the best vertu mobile price in India. The biggest advantage of buying with us is that you have no need to hover in the market for buying the mobile phone as it is easily available at us and you can choose anyone among various other luxury smartphone by comparing the specifications and prices accordingly. A user can easily buy the vertu phones in India at the best prices from us. The vertu mobile price in India is reasonable and provides the best features to the users

According to The Economist, the concept was to market phones explicitly as fashion accessories, with the idea "if you can spend $20,000 on a watch, why not on a mobile phone?"[1] Vertu is the brainchild of the Italian Frank Nuovo, former chief designer at Nokia.[2] He proposed and presented the luxury concept to Nokia's board, who eventually accepted it in late 1998. At the time Nokia released their first luxury phone, the 8850.[3] The resulting products called "Vertu" were finally announced in Paris in 2002, and part of a separate subsidiary called Vertu owned by Nokia.[4][5]

Vertu was launched on 21 January 2002 and the first collection available later that year.[8] The flagship model "Signature" was launched in 2003. Its key pad contains nearly 5 carats of ruby bearings. Other models include Ascent (2004), Constellation Classic (2006), Constellation Ayxta (2009), among others. Ascent phones are designed to be lightweight and durable, made of aluminium or titanium with vulcanised rubber and leather. The Classics are simple and small handsets. Ayxtas are flip phones that come in numerous variants and colours. In 2006, Vertu produced and released the Aerius Bluetooth Headset designed by Jacob Jensen Design.

Vertu phones were made in its factories in Church Crookham, Hampshire, England. Handsets were sold through an emphasis on craftsmanship, style and service, rather than mobile phone functions.[1] The business was based in the United Kingdom with offices in New York City, Dubai, Moscow, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Paris and Singapore.

In October 2012, Nokia sold Vertu to private equity group EQT VI for an unspecified amount,[16][17] but retained a 10% share.[18] By the end of 2013, the company had around 350,000 customers, and phones were on sale in 500 retail outlets, including 70 run by the company.[19] In 2015, it was announced that EQT had sold its share of Vertu to Godin Holdings, a Hong Kong-based holding company.[20][21] In November 2015, Massimiliano Pogliani was replaced by Billy Crotty as Vertu's CEO, who in turn was replaced by Gordon Watson three months later.[22][23]

Probably not. But it can buy privacy and state-of-the-art encrypted communications. Luxury UK phone maker Vertu has partnered with secure communication provider Silent Circle for end-to-end voice and text encryption worthy of its designer product. The Rolls-Royce of phones meets the gold standard of mobile encryption.

Now, each Android-based Vertu Ti will come already provisioned with Silent Circle out of the box. As the preferred private communications service partner to Vertu, each new Vertu Ti phone comes with a complimentary 12-month subscription to Silent Circle. Also in a clever viral move to spread adoption, each new subscriber will get five 30-day companion licenses which will operate on any platform and allow the customer to build their own circle of secure communications.

The famous and tailored Vertu Concierge service that sits at the heart of every Vertu phone experience was also specifically customized to support Silent Circle for a seamless blend of performance and customer service. These proprietary concierge apps offer round-the-clock live support and dedicated specialists available through text, voice and email.

More attentive to your needs than Siri and quickly accessed via the custom ruby key on the phone, Vertu Concierge caters to the demanding needs of the Vertu customer with a team of "lifestyle managers" covering all major time zones such as London, Paris, Milan, New York, Shanghai, Dubai, Moscow Hong Kong, and San Francisco.

Silent Circle CEO Mike Janke, who will be speaking at next week's RSA Conference in San Francisco, explains how this unique partnership happened: "Over the past three years, Vertu's #1 request from high-net-worth customers has been secure communications. And after they spent 18 months visiting various companies and testing secure chat, phone and text products, they chose Silent Circle."

At this early point in the secure communications game, a single exclusive deal would nearly equate to an acquisition. And with most of the industry's leading players knocking on their door, Janke says "it is very tempting to sign an exclusive arrangement with a top phone manufacturer or a leading mobile network." However, Silent Circle remains solidly focused on the larger global market and that means non-exclusive coverage on every platform, everywhere.

I'm a freelance journalist covering technology for several outlets, both in English (Zdnet, techPresident) and Italian (La Stampa, l'Espresso, Corriere della Sera and others). I was a Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow in 2013. You can find my research on journalism and content curation here. I like to write about the impact of technology on society. I'm amazed and fascinated by how our relationships, our jobs, our daily lives are now shaped by it. But technology, for me, it's just a means to an end, not an end in itself. To be clear: I don't care about the latest smartphone, unless it provides real value and improves the quality of my life. You can follow me on Twitter at @fede_guerrini and learn more about me visiting my LinkedIn. For story pitches reach me here: stories (at) 041b061a72


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