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It's absolutely amazing what bullshit MacKeeper shovels your way. Behold the status screen that turns up immediately your install is complete. If you believe that, there are some really cheap bridges you can buy.MacKeeper gets into your launchd settings. (You have to remove a plist from a system area.) This is what keeps the danged thing on your menu bar.There's a bit of a discussion of MacKeeper at the Apple forums and elsewhere. =245 -3691 -to-uninstall-mackeeper-malware/And MacKeeper seems to have been peddled through Apple's App Store as '911', which makes you really wonder how good those nannies at the walled garden really are.Here's MacKeeper's admonition to not worry about a manual uninstall. Haha.Here's the hex dump of .3246584E-0CF8-4153-835D-C7D952862F9D, found for MacKeeper's safety's sake in two locations on your system. Note the 'dot' in the beginning of the file name so the file won't show up in your dear Finder. Note the use of the pseudo 'UUID' format for the name, to give the file the appearance of 'authenticity' so you timid users don't touch it. Of course Tracker will tell you immediately it was planted on your system by MacKeeper. The file is probably used to limit your trial use - note the use of NSDate.

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