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This new environment should be included in any example figure used to visually represent an animation or interactive figure. The environment needs to be placed inside \beginfigure and \endfigure with the figure call in between. The interactive environment takes two arguments. The first is declaration of the enhanced graphic type. Current the only types that are allowed are js for generic javascript interactive figures, animation for inline videos, and lc for interactive light curves produced by astropy. The second argument is the file package that contains the enhanced feature in the HTML article. For example, an animation would give the corresponding .mp4, .avi, or .mpeg video file. If an unknown type is called or no file is given the compiler will issue an error and quit. Authors who successfully compile with the interactive environment will see a blue border around the figure. This is meant to be an indication to the pdf reader that this the example figure of an enhanced graphic.

aass (3).mp4




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