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124270 _VERIFIED_

However, despite all that, when I put the Explorer 124270 on my wrist I completely understand why the brand is so highly regarded today. The design is just incredible. Every element is perfectly proportioned and the finishing is very good indeed.


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As you might expect, the new 36 Explorer (reference 124270) from Rolex feels extremely familiar to previous 36mm examples. When we went to shoot this watch we actually brought a 114270 with us so we could directly compare the two watches.

Maybe this is cheating a little as in reality, the reason why the modern Explorer feels a lot more solid and dependable is down to those changes already mentioned. Either way, there is no doubt that the 124270 feels far more sustainable and dependable on the wrist. In fact, switching between the two 36 Explorers, the older model feels noticeably less refined, clunky and lacking in quality.

The all-steel reference 124270 is going to perhaps be the volume driver for those who feel best with a 36mm-wide sports watch on their wrist. For those wishing for an alternative to the traditional suit or business watch, let me recommend the Rolex Explorer I 124273 as something for your list of options. I think it is still a luxurious option but more understated than a Rolex Datejust. It is also a bit more active and youthful than, say, a traditional dress watch that sits with a thin profile on the wrist attached to a shiny black alligator strap. Price for the Rolex Explorer I 36mm in steel reference 124270 is $6,450 USD, and the two-tone steel and 18k yellow-gold Rolesor model has a price of $10,800 USD. Learn more at the Rolex website here.

We've received your waitlist request for Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer 124270 . You should receive a confirmation email shortly. Please check your spam and note that a client advisor will reach out via phone, email, and or text.

This Rolex Explorer Black Arabic Dial 124270 is in EXCELLENT condition. This watch includes its original box, instruction manual, warranty & worldwide service booklet, and international guarantee card dated for February 2022.

The Rolex Explorer model with reference number 124270 has a 36mm case diameter and runs on the Rolex 3132 Caliber. An automatic movement that has been certified as a superlative chronometer by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). 041b061a72


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