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Music Quotes Explained : George Gershwin

In this series, I will be finding quotes relating to music, whether it be from musicians or thinkers and breaking down their insights so we may incorporate it into our musicianship.

"I frequently hear music in the heart of noise" - George Gershwin

This is not a magical gift, but a result of training. Most people when they walk down a busy city street simply hear a jumble of sounds seemingly unrelated in any way. People walking clanking their feet on the ground, talking, cars squeaking to a stop, horns honking, a busy city street, a cacophony of competing sounds. But what is one man's noise is another man's music. George Gershwin or any trained musician for that matter, walking down that busy city street will be able to detect patterns. Musicians are trained to manipulate sound, to understand rhythm, how to place accents, dynamics, the crescendos, the pianos, composer and performers use all these aspects to bring out the best in the music. We study melody, the use of pitches within the framework of rhythm. We may not realize it but all sounds create a pitch Your vacuum cleaner may hum at a low G. A robin may sing in the key of C. A passing train will actually honk its horn as a chord.

Walking down the city street, if the musician is orchestral minded, may hear a group of sparrows chirping as a string section playing pizzicato, a dump truck screeching to a stop could be a trombone sliding down, the shoe sounds from people walking could be a rhythm section drumming a syncopated rhythm in the background.

In any situation, see if you can hear music in heart of noise around you. It doesn't matter where you are. You could be simply at home, at work, taking a walk, or driving, you need only listen.

"I frequently hear music in the heart of noise"

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