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If you are searching for piano lessons Nick's Piano Studio offers high-quality instruction.  The beginner student will learn rhythms, read notes, play songs, and understand music terminology. If the student is intermediate all those things will be improved upon so that they become second nature. Students of all ages are welcome!


Feel free to ask questions or just write saying hey this is what I'm looking for.  You should receive a response as fast as humanly possible.

A bit about your instructor...

Mr. Nick has been teaching for 8 years. He studied under a Moscow Conservatory teacher. Following his classical training he went on to study at Berklee College of Music. He has performed many gigs with bands and solo recitals.  He currently teaches piano for the Salvation Army two days a week.  He is the pianist for the Philly Kroc Jazz Orchestra.  

"What do you like most about teaching piano?"

"The piano is a beautiful instrument, it fits well into many different genres. When you see someone play well you think that was awesome! What I enjoy most teaching piano is the teaching process itself.  It may feel like a grind to the student some days, but when I see that, that's how I know progress is being made.  Trust the process!" -Mr. Nick


The lesson sign up process is EASY

Fill out the form down below with what you are looking for. 


"Mr.Nick is a great teacher for adults and kids. He trust the ambition of the studentand have the experience and professionalism to make us achieve our goal.We can master songs that we enjoy in a reasonable period of time.We highly recommend him as a your piano teacher he will keep you motivated and make you reach the level you want to achieve"

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