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Casio CTK-6200/6250+ Review

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

In this review I will be giving honest feedback on the Casio CTK-6200.

This 61-Key electric keyboard has been a decent addition to my piano arsenal. I have used it mostly as a second keyboard in a reggae band I was in. I was looking for something relatively inexpensive. It did what it was bought to do and that is to have additional sounds and place for alternating between rhythm and melody. In retrospect do I think this is best performance keyboard I could have gotten? The answer is no. But seeing I wasn't willing spend too much this was the best option. Little did I know that it was chalked full of features that I am still discovering.

Most of what I will be talking about will be applicable to the newer model the CTK-6250 and will be providing a link at the bottom of this review.


Main Features:

+This keyboard is really step above other similar keyboards out there because

not only does boast 700 tones to choose from but the ability to customize tones with the Tone Editor. You can adjust the attack, release, cut off, vibrato, reverb, chorus, and DSP.

+It has a built-in sequencer and 32 channel mixer meaning you can record songs and edit them. You are given 16 tracks that you can use. It has basic editing features including event insert, copy, delete and even quantization.

+The next feature is that along with standard rhythms on most keyboards it also has rhythm editor. You can create your own rhythms for your song and store it or use the preset rhythms.


Who is this keyboard meant for?

With all the features from mixing to editing your own rhythms, it is best for the musically creative. What I mean is regardless of age, if you have an affinity to making your own music and want to try recording and don't know where to start. Buying this keyboard could be a great stepping stone. There are so many DAWs (digital audio workstations) out there and they can be quite complicated to learn to use. This Casio keyboard has just enough editing tools that it's not too complicated to learn and get creating.

The Casio CTK-6250 is not recommend for people serious about learning piano. It is always recommended to learn on a full 88 key acoustic piano. If it's an electric piano to make sure the keys are weighted properly. But if you are a parent looking for a keyboard for your kid to learn on, I'd say go for it because there is so much it can do. Does that make sense?



Even though the Casio CTK-6250 has a 4 star review on Amazon, the one I have which is the slightly older model the CTK-6200, has served me well during gigging in a band. Is it what I would recommend for gigging around at bars and concert halls, no. I will provide another review for that. I really did not need all the features it had. But I can see this being a great starter piano for people who are not sure they will get serious with piano. I also see it being great for individuals looking to make their own music but without the time consuming process of learning a DAW.

You can get yours at Amazon. What's great about the link I'm providing you is that the keyboard comes with headphones and stand. Which is awesome in my opinion.

Hey if you benefited from this review and want to stay informed with other products you can enter your email at the bottom of the page. Keep calm and play on!

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