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at the back of the cathedral the bow of the ship was marring the night with a sickly green hue and vicious swells were taking away the second bulwark. the first bulwark had already sunk into the sea and the hull of the ship was like a wolfs jaw ripped open and the teeth hewn down into the flesh of the ship. the second bulwark was more of an artificial rock wall that was no longer attached to the ship and was now crashing down on the front of the hull, the bulwark cracked and buckled as it fell. the hull of the ship was now sinking into the sea and was pulling the last of the bulwark down as well. the captain heard the last of the bulwark fall and yelled for the engines to be stopped. the ship started to slow down and an alarm siren started to wail. captain william jameson did not want to give his men the chance of being trapped in the hull of the ship. the captain turned to his crew and ordered the ship to stop, the engines were stowed away and the ship slowed to a halt.

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jethro alenko sat in a seat in the back of the thunderhawk, they had been flying for nearly two hours and were still on the outskirts of the mattapan area. the time was now 2:00 am and the storm was now in full force. alenko was amazed at the speed of the plane as they flew through the darkness. the storm and lightning were not the only surprises that awaited the crew. they had seen only the distant light of the cities infested with the nurgle rot. they had been lucky to have a small window of opportunity to do so. the thunderhawks could make the trip from the lower hive to calvary in under fifteen minutes, however in these storms they would be lucky to make it in under half that. if alenko was going to meet with the men at the tower he would have to make the trip very quickly.


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